Debt Review Loans

With people starting to feel the economic pinch of junk status creeping in, more and more consumers are looking for a way to not drown in debt.

We have received numerous enquiries of people looking for a debt solution and it basically comes down to two different options.

The first option is people looking for a debt consolidation loan. When you are in debt and need a way out, most people think of a debt consolidation loan that will enable them to pay all their debt and only be left with 1 instalment each month.

The other requests we have been seeing are people who are already on debt review, looking for an additional loan for a holiday or house renovation. This can be a tricky scenario, since most banks won’t give out loans for people who are on debt review and generally they start looking at other institutions for assistance.

The second option for people in debt, is to apply for debt review. Debt review was created with the idea to assist people who are in debt and make sure that people are not blacklisted and enable them to pay a lower instalment on their current debts each month.

We can highly recommend debt review as a great way to get out of debt and for anyone looking for a solution, be sure to contact us for assistance today. Please note that we do not offer loans and assist consumers in South Africa with debt review applications.